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How do I earn PRO Rewards?

PRO Rewards are earned by shopping online with any of the 4,000+ merchants in the PRO Rewards network. You can shop and earn PRO Rewards from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Simply download the PRO Rewards App to shop from your mobile devices and download the Shopping Assistant to your computer and you will be ready to earn! See shopping instructions below:

1. PRO Rewards Mobile App

Want to earn PRO Rewards on the go! Download the PRO Rewards Mobile App for Android 4.0.3+ or iOS 9+ and higher to shop and earn from your smartphone and tablet. After you install the app, search for participating stores and shop. You can even use the bar code scanner to find the exact product you’re looking for.

2. Shopping Portal

Earn PRO Rewards by shopping online with over 4,000 merchants from your computer by logging on at Simply sign up on the PRO Rewards Landing page, browse merchants, shop and earn PRO Rewards. Once a merchant is selected, you will be directed to the merchant’s native website and be prompted to click “Activate PRO Rewards.” Once activated, you simply shop as usual and earn PRO Rewards from your purchases. Your pending PRO Rewards will show up in your account within 7 days.

3. Shopping Assistant

Download the Shopping Assistant on your computer and it will alert you when you’re visiting a participating store’s site. Simply click on “Activate PRO Rewards” and continue shopping as you normally would. The Shopping Assistant works with Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.

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Download the Shopping Assistant

Convenient reminders that earning PRO Rewards is just a few clicks away.